From first base to home plate

One thing I will remember from my time at Galileo that made my time in high school memorable was finally playing the sport I love, baseball. This was my first year playing competitively since middle school after I decided to take time away from playing, due to personal reasons.

Playing baseball on a team after 4 years away gave me nostalgia and a feeling I’ve been missing all this time. The sound of the ball hitting the glove, the crack of the bat, the seeds all over the dugout, the smell offreshly cut grass. It made me regret not playing all these 4 years.

Not only did I miss all the sights and sounds, but playing on the team also gave me an activity to do after school rather than just going home and do nothing with my life and  helped me develop close bonds with people.

Reflecting back on my road to playing baseball my senior year, it was quite a journey to get back on the field. During  my freshman year, I was thinking about joining, but I was still pretty shy and was afraid of trying out even though I had experience. In sophomore year, I met some people that played on the baseball team and they asked me to play but I was still haunted from a personal experience. In my junior year, I was committed to playing but because I slacked off in a class the previous year, I had to take night school to make that class up so there was no possible way of me playing.

I’m grateful for the encouragement of friends, and my loved ones that I had nothing holding me back this time, I decided this year would be my first. Playing on the Varsity level has helped me develop more confidence in myself because of all the good teams we would play and the improvements I made. There were many times the coaches would push us to our limits physically and mentally and I might have not enjoyed it at the moment but after pushing through, I felt amazing.

Also seeing a bunch of my old middle/elementary school friends on the field playing for the other team is something I shall never forget. Baseball has helped me get more active than ever, more than all my years in high school. We didn’t have the season we envisioned, but one positive thing was that the team was the 3rd best offense in the league, which feels kind of good. Although I may have only played one year it was the journey which mattered the most to me.

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