Galileo Press Female Athlete of the Year: Dana Liu

As captain of the flag football team and track runner, Dana Liu has been voted Galileo Press’ female athlete of the year. As quarterback, Dana led the flag football team to a city championship win finishing with a 10-1 record, and competed in long jump, triple jump, and the 4×100 meter relay during the track season.

Dana led the team with 13 touchdowns, she was a key part of their success this season. Coach Blacksher, Dana’s flag football coach says Dana is someone her teammates look up to. “Dana is a leader. In every which way that you can be a leader. Verbally, emotionally, works the hardest. She leads by example and by actions. It helps that she’s one of the most athletic people in the school.”

Dana won multiple medals at the invitationals she competed in, usually in the long jump and triple jump. Coach Adams, one of Galileo’s track coaches, says Dana is competitive. He says, “Dana is a very unique athlete. During track, we found out she can run and jump really well. She loves competing and is a very serious athlete. She puts in the extra work and that’s all gonna pay off. She wasn’t at her peak this season after getting injured, but once she gets healthy, I think she can be a very good long jumper. She is also a key member of the track relay team.”

Dana is appreciated beyond just her accomplishments on the field. Senior Track teammate Dominic Juliano says, “Dana makes the team more of a family. She is a really good athlete and brings smiles to the team.”

Dana points to her desire for playing sports as a driving force for her accomplishments. She said, “You just need to find what you’re passionate about. For me, this was flag football and track.”

Dana also said that being dedicated is an important part of any sport. “Finding what you like is only the first step. You still have to be willing to put the work in and can’t give up. You have to work for the pain and enjoy the success.”


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