Galileo Press Male Athlete of the Year: Peter Colias

As a multisport athlete, who excelled in every sport he participated in, the Galileo Press has named sophomore Peter Colias male athlete of the year. Peter was a 3 sport athlete, participating in a sport each season: cross country in the fall, wrestling in the winter, and track in the spring.

Peter was the 5th fastest frosh-soph runner on the cross country team this year, helping the team finish 2nd in the city. “He’s energetic and acts like a clown but he instills happiness to everybody on the team and helps us perform better,” says senior teammate Jordan Mai.

While on the wrestling team, Peter helped the Lions capture a AAA city title. He was 1st in the city for the 160 pound division and qualified for the state meet. Senior teammate Brandon Tu says, “Peter brings the entire team together and provides morale. During dual meets, I can count on him to get a pin and turn the momentum in our favor. Although he’s a sophomore, he continues to encourage me to surpass my limits and become a better wrestler.”

In track, he’s already pole vaulting 10 feet 6 inches, the highest out of all the pole vaulters at Galileo, yet according to the coaches, he’s only begun to reach his potential Track coach, Coach Adams has high expectations for Peter over the next few seasons. He says, “Peter Colias is a special athlete. He’s shown to be very dedicated to what he’s doing. I think he can maybe become a decathlete. He would have to learn a few things, but I have no doubt he’d be able to do it. He went to Lincoln multiple days a week this season and it all paid off as he won the frosh-soph boys championship. If he continues, he can definitely pole vault 14 feet.”

When asked how he does it, Peter’s answer was pretty simple. He says, “Practice. It’s the only way to get better. The more you practice, the better you become. If you don’t practice and expect to get results, it’s like never watering a seed and expecting it to produce some fruit.”

Peter says he also has support from a lot of people; his coaches being a huge part of the reason he’s in multiple sports. He says, “There’s no way I would’ve been able to perform well without my coaches. They have been there to help me every day, and I’m really lucky to have them there.”

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