How A High School Relationship Shaped Me


The first thing I thought about when we were asked to write an article about something or someone that has made an impact throughout high school for me was my high school relationship. Although you may think “it’s just a high school relationship”, it has played a significant role in shaping who I am now.

Going into freshman year, I was a really insecure person as a result of being constantly made fun of throughout elementary and middle school. I took every criticism and insult personally. During my freshman year, it was filled with drama and friendships that ended.

But he came into my life when everything felt like it was falling apart. Summer had just ended and I was going through a hard time with my friends and I was in desperate need of a fresh start. I wasn’t looking for a relationship but then he came along and changed everything. He was my first relationship.

Due to the fact that he was 2 years older and a senior, he had more life experience and was much wiser than me at the time. Being the young, naive girl I was, I learned alot from him. I got a lot of academic help along with life lessons. One thing he made me realize was that I had to love myself first before I could love another. I always looked up to him because he was much more mature. Whenever I felt lost in life, he guided me on the right path.

Another thing I learned from him was to become a selfless person. I was raised to learn to look after myself and never really had someone else in my life that I cared so deeply for other than my family. I now had to consider someone else’s feelings other than my own. This trait has shaped me into a better person and to make sure my motives and intentions are invariably genuine.

Of course all relationships go through rough patches and with mine, all the bad times have taught me something important: self worth. The bad times have allowed me to recognize my worth and what I deserved. I value every step in my relationship that got me to where I am now. Even though we are no longer together, I am grateful that I got to have this experience with him in high school.


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