Lions Whisper: Experience at Prom

Prom is a once in a lifetime thing for most people. People have their plans for prom all laid out, some as early as freshman year, down to their outfit, where they will take pictures, and who they’re going with. As prom season this year has finally come to an end, we were curious as to what people thought about the event, which led us to find 8 seniors and ask them about their experience at prom.



“Prom was kind of boring and disappointing. The music was pretty weak but I had fun taking pictures with my date and friends.” – Tuguldur








“The music killed the vibe of the dance and there was no food which disappointed me. The people were also not really energetic aside from a few people which made it even worse.” – Carol







“Prom kind of sucked. My favorite part was taking pictures but the songs were just not good and the atmosphere wasn’t really there.” – Victor








“Prom could have been better for sure. The playlist was not very good but I enjoyed being with all of my friends and dressing up.” – Anthony









“Prom was kind of disappointing. I’ve been waiting for this day since freshman year and I was let down, mainly because of the music. The people were cool though and everyone looked great.” – Johan








“Prom was fun and the fact that it was on my birthday made it a lot more special. The only thing I would’ve changed would’ve been the playlist as the music selection was pretty weak.” – Marley









“It was pretty fun hanging out with my friends and taking pictures but the music wasn’t really my style. I wish there was more food available.” – Raymond








“The music was wack and was hard to get excited for but I had fun being with my friends. Taking pictures was my favorite part of prom I think.” – Boyee






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