Lion’s Whisper: What are your plans for the summer?


Vanessa Chan: “My plans for the summer is taking Health at school because I’m in AVID. I’m also planning to go to Las Vegas with my family, and also hanging with friends.”








Albert Lam: “I’m planning to gym a lot and get swole. Also I’m hoping to start working at Poly Ann’s ice cream.








Amy Huang: “I want to apply for an internship at CPMC and potentially getting a job at Starbucks.”








Dominic Juliano: “My plans for the summer is to travel around Europe, specifically Brussels and London. Lastly I’ll probably visit my girlfriend and family in Oregon.








Coach Mark: “I’m going to road trip and go camping. I really enjoy the national and state parks, so I’ll probably be camping a lot in those places. I’m also going to try to ride my bike as much as I can this summer.”







Mr. Seligson: “I’m going to Italy with my wife and son, mostly the southern, as well as enjoying some free time at home, as well as working on my garden.

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