Ms. Kwan Steps Up As New ASB Advisor

For the first time in over 25 years, Galileo will have a new ASB advisor leading student government at the school. Science teacher, Ms. Kwan, will be replacing long time ASB advisor, Mr.Wing, who is retiring this year.

Ms.Kwan decided to become the ASB advisor because of her history in student government when she was in high school. Ms.Kwan states, “I want to make the experience meaningful, fun, and enjoyable for students.” She also felt that her time as a class sponsor prepared her for the upcoming responsibilities as ASB advisor.

While in some ways she feels prepared for the role, Ms.Kwan is also nervous about the big shoes she has to fill because of all the great work Mr. Wing did for the school over the years.  


Overall though, Ms. Kwan is excited  at the opportunity, and she plans on approaching the role as advisor differently from Mr. Wing. She hopes to do more on-campus activities in addition to the fundraising to try to create more of a school community within Galileo. She also plans on implementing more plant life around the school to “beautify” the area for students and teachers. Ms.Kwan states, “I won’t be doing things the same way as Mr.Wing, but I hope people still enjoy it.”

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