Saying Goodbye to Sargent Hardee and JROTC

The leader of the JROTC Sargent Hardee, who has worked at Galileo for over 18 years, will be moving to Lowell High School because  Galileo will not be continuing its JROTC program after this current 2017-18 school year. The reason Galileo is shutting down the program is because there are not enough students enrolled in the program for next school year.

When asked on the subject, Sargent Hardee said, “There are ways to increase the number of students applying to JROTC, those options didn’t seem to have been wanted to be explored by the school administration. But what I will say is that one thing I will miss is the camaraderie of the JROTC here at Galileo, I am glad to have worked here for so long,”



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