Senior Wins Drone Access and Scholarship

Senior Jason Ng used his passion for drones to get the Galileo administration to unlock the drones in school closet and win a scholarship in the process. Starting in December, Jason asked Galileo principal, Ms. Benau for use of the drones that the school owned. This idea came to life when Jason developed an interest with drones through Youtube, especially the cinematic shots from above, and realized the school should be taking advantage of the fact it is one of the few schools that have a drone.

When Jason first asked about drone use, the school wanted him to find out more information about the legality of it. Jason used his position in the Student Advisory Council to ask the supervisor who he should talk to anyone about district regulations. Jason was directed to SFUSD legal team representative,Tamera Wong, who asked Jason to come prepared with a proposal addressing regulations and privacy concerns to the administration team.

After revising his proposal a few times, Jason was finally granted approval to use the drones at the beginning of May. However, students are not allowed to just use a drone anytime around school. All drone users must read a doc about regulations and privacy concerns, take introductory training, and complete the drone use log in the protocol, which all users must sign. If the equipment breaks, the District will not cover repair or replacement, so it is recommended that a teacher accompanies the student when getting drone footage off campus.

While researching scholarships through the SSC, Jason decided to write an essay about unlocking drones at the Galileo.  Jason’s earned the SFUSD superintendent scholarship for showing his passion and writing an essay about the subject.

While Jason is happy about the scholarship, his goal all along was to make sure students are able to use this technology. He said, “In the end, I hope that teachers and students get drone access. This could be the beginning of more drone use, not just for our school, but the whole SFUSD.”

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