Juniors Victorious at First Pep Rally


The Junior Class (class of 2020) won the first pep rally of the 2018-2019 school year, a 3-legged relay race, on September 7th, during lunch in the courtyard. This was the first of 4 pep rallies the ASB (Associated Student Body) will hold each Friday as a lead up to the 74th Song and Yell on October 12th. The purpose of the pep rallies to increase school community by having friendly competition with other classes.


Although the ASB was looking for 4 students from each class to participate, only the senior class had 4, while the Juniors and Sophomore had 2 each, and the Freshman class did not have any participants at the first rally.

During the rally, Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores started with their feet tied to their partners. The participants hopped on one foot, going under a limbo pole, then balanced an egg on a spoon and successfully placed it into the cup without cracking it.

All of the participants struggled to go through the hula hoop, and unfortunately the Seniors got caught up in a tangly situation. All the participants ran back to the starting line after doing 10 quick and intensive jumping-jacks. The Juniors and the Seniors were head-to-head, but the Juniors won. Congratulations to the Junior class!

Students who want to get involved can do so by following their class on Facebook or Instagram, or the Galileo ASB – @GalileoASB to get updates on upcoming pep rallies and other school events.

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