Student Barber Making Bank

Self made entrepreneur, Junior Matthew Tu has started his own haircutting business in his garage, along with  a YouTube channel to help teach other up and coming barbers that want to work on their craft. Matthew’s hard work has begun to pay off as he is now cutting around 40 people’s hair a month and charges $20 per haircut.

While Matthew was inspired by his brother to start cutting hair, originally when he started it was only for fun, but as he kept on practicing he got better and he turned it into a side job. Matthew says, “People just started paying me, then I realized I’m good enough to start charging people for the haircuts I give them.”

Matthew has slowly built up his clientele to include not only students from Galileo, but also students from Washington, Lincoln and Burton as well as other adults. Galileo senior, Leo Dujardin, who has been going to Matthew for over a year, states “He was looking for people that would trust him to cut hair, but since I had a relatively easy haircut I let him practice on me. It’s a good quality haircut for an inexpensive price”

Matthew continues to try and gain more customers by  used social media to promote his barbering skills, and he found it hard at first to get new customers because he couldn’t find people that would trust him to not mess up their hair. However, the better he got, people were willing to pay. One of his customers, Senior, Robert Yu has noticed Matthew’s improvement, saying, “it takes much less time than it did before, the haircut also looks a lot more crisp, he’s also gotten better equipment and he’s become more professional than before.” 

Matthew has advice for those who want to follow their passion like he has. He says, “you gotta get out there you can’t be afraid you can’t expect people to know that you have special talents. ”

Matthew’s work can be seen by visiting  his social media:



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