Ms. Yu – Hoping to See the World

With the goal of traveling to every country, one of the new Galileo counselors, Ms. Yu, has already been to over 20 countries, including Malaysia, and Thailand. She started traveling by herself in 2014 but, she doesn’t like the thought of getting lost so, she prefers traveling with her brother or a friend.

Ms. Yu’s aspirations of traveling came from her family when her mom took her on their first trip when she was just a year old. Ms. Yu also studied abroad in high school (Inuyama, Japan) and ever since then, she’s wanted to travel more and more.

Although her love of traveling is not the reason, she became a counselor, Ms. Yu does enjoy having summers off. As of now, she doesn’t know where she wants to travel to next, but it will probably happen during the summer.  Ms. Yu said, “I traveled to two different countries this past summer. I don’t know where I want to travel to next. Maybe Iceland.”


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