Mr. Page’s Big Adventure

By Cybastian Dilinila, Jasper Salayog, Antonio Haro-Casco, Max Miles V.

Taking a tiresome journey through the scenic Sierra mountains, AP Statistics teacher, Mr. Page, accompanied by his wife and 7 other hiking partners, hiked 165 miles up to the peak of the mountain range over the course of 13 days this past summer. While Mr. Page felt the hike was both physically and mentally demanding, his experience allowed him to endure through the struggles, but some of his hiking partners were not as fortunate. By the halfway point of their journey, 4 of his partners couldn’t continue any longer, and only 3 of them ended up completing the entire trip.
Despite not everyone making it through the entire hike, Mr. Page enjoyed his time hiking immensely. He said, “Backpacking in the Sierra’s is like walking in a postcard everyday.”
While the scenery during the hike was surreal, Mr. Page and his group dealt with a number of difficulties. He said, “Some drawbacks we had to face while hiking was the harsh weather conditions, and recurring injuries.”
Also, he often found himself rationing food portions for everyone while on the trip because of the long days and inability to go “grocery shopping” while in the wilderness. Despite all of these obstacles, Mr. Page believes it was all worthwhile. He says, “You can’t underestimate the value of being completely disconnected for a couple of weeks.”
This was not the first time Mr. Page has been out in the wilderness, in fact, he was only 15 when he fell in love with hiking. He said,“I wasn’t like the other kids my age, I always liked being around nature and challenging myself and hiking did both for me.”





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