Ms. Stangland- Unexpected Career Choice

Growing up, Health Academy English teacher, Ms. Stangland, never thought she would ever be a teacher. “I would’ve never imagined myself being a teacher because I hated the idea of it since childhood,” she says.

The thought of being a teacher, according to Ms. Stangland, was “boring” and “pointless.” Her opinion on teaching flipped 180º when she began taking classes in China. Ms. Stangland took a significant turn in her education when she traveled to China to study abroad in her junior/senior year of college. There, she studied the culture, the Mandarin language and interned for non profit organizations for a year and then came back to finish school.

After she graduated, she got into a job in online blogging and marketing for a retail company. She knew early on that this career would be short term and that she would eventually move on. She wanted a job that would be relational, developmental, and creative, so her friends suggested to her, “Why don’t you be a teacher?”

Ms. Stangland eventually moved to San Francisco and went to SF State to get her teaching credentials. She began her teaching career as a student teacher at Galileo and would later teach at John O’Connell High School for 2 years before returning back to Galileo Academy to teach this year.

Aside from teaching, Ms. Stangland loves backpacking and exploring out in nature. She explained, “I love backpacking because it strips life down to the bare basics and provides a challenge [for] you only surviving off of what you have in your backpack.” She also believes that being outdoors with friends is a lot more fun than being indoors because it allows people to bond and have more interactions.

Written by Jay Liu

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