Mr. Matawaran – All About Anime

By Matthew Tu and Dustin Zhou

Since being introduced to manga at 7 years old, social studies teacher Mr. Matawaran, has continued his love of the comics, both reading and watching shows. He has been following his favorite series,  “One Piece¨, both reading and watching it, for the last 20 years, falling in love with  its funny dialogue and how the characters develop throughout the story.

 Other manga comics Mr. Matawaran likes to read are, “My Hero Academy” and “Attack on Titans”. With all the series added up, he reads approximately 120 books each year.  He says, “I don’t read or watch as much as I used to, but I spend about 2-3 hours every Friday. I usually pass up basketball to watch movies on Fridays.”

Growing up, Mr. Matawaran enjoyed comics & cartoons, but was first introduced  to manga when he read a paperback in the library. The books eventually led him to watching anime movies. Besides  “One Piece”, he also watches the series “Your Name”, and all movies made from the company, ¨ Studio Ghibli”. He says, “Some stories are so good they make me tear up.”


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