Ms. McNulty – Turning a Negative to a Positive

by Kamieya Bynum

After a bad high school experience, special education teacher, Ms. McNulty, is looking to help give high schoolers a more positive experience, trying to help them worry less about grades and focus more on learning more practical things that will help them in the real world.

According to Ms. McNulty, “In real life, your grades only get you so far. I felt like I lacked information regarding more practical things that would actually help me succeed. This is what led me to be a teacher – that’s more practical and involved with their learning or growth.”

Ms. McNulty’s path to being an educator took her from the East coast to now living in the West coast. She received her Masters at Boston College in Education, but didn’t know what path to take. She worked at a preschool for kids with autism where she built a close bond with the staff and the students. Then she moved to an inclusion-classroom, a mix of general and special education students. Working with the inclusion class made her realize she wanted to pursue a career in special education. Over the summer, she applied to a program called “Pathways” which connected her to Galileo. Although the school is across the country from Boston, she decided to take a chance and explore the opportunity.

As a new San Francisco resident, Ms. McNulty hopes to continue some of the same things she did in her free time while she lived in Boston. She swims in her apartment complex pool,  and plans on checking out the SF Ballet once she gets settled in, as she did ballet in Boston while getting her masters. She says, “I go exploring around the city to find some new places. Swimming and ballet helps relieve stress.”

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