Girls Varsity Volleyball: Mid-Season Crisis

Only making the playoffs once in the last the three years, the girls varsity volleyball team is off to another rough start (2-3) this season. While the team has a lot of young talent with aspirations of making it deep into the playoffs, conflict within the team seems to be  holding them back.

One reason for the team’s struggles is a lack of communication on the court. According to some of the players, the source of this issue stems from players not being dedicated enough and not putting an adequate amount of effort at practice. Senior Team Captain Michelle Li said, “Some of the players have not been showing up to practice, and when they do they don’t take it seriously.”

Another reason for the team’s adversity is the coach. According to some of the players, the coach doesn’t make them do anything productive at practice, which is why many of them don’t want to put in the effort or dedication. Many feel that they don’t learn or get better doing the given drills as mentioned by an anonymous player, “the things our coach makes us do at practice is not helping us become better players and win games.”

One reason the team is struggling this season is because of the loss of some key players from last year’s team. Outside hitter Una Deng and setter Britney Lau played key roles in the Lionness’ making the playoffs last season.

Some young talents on the team that have club experience are Sophomore Renee Huang, Sophomore Kristen Zee and Freshman Alyson Wong. This experience can be used to help other players learn and get better in the future.

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