Mr. Kobayashi- From College Back To High School

By Cybastian Dilinila, Antonio Harocasco, Jasper Salayog, Max Miles V.

After being a professor at Santa Rosa Community College, transitioning back to  teaching high school students at Galileo has been tough for Physics teacher, Mr. Kobayashi. He explains that it is very different from what he is use to, since as a professor, he did not have as much interaction with his students and would often just teach the class the curriculum and call it a day. However, at Galileo it is not just about teaching the class the required curriculum, but also about getting involved with the students and guiding them through the work he expects from them.

Mr. Kobyashi remarked about some of the differences he sees between college and high school students. He says, “It’s really hard trying to keep the students motivated to learn something new when they are in college since they think they know everything, but maybe here at Galileo maybe the students will have the drive to learn more.”

While Mr. Kobayashi may be reacquainting himself with working with high schoolers, he isn’t a stranger to Galileo, as he did his student teaching at the school 5 years ago. Having a background with the school and knowing what each class usually consists of has helped ease his transition back. He says, “It’s fortunate for me since I have the credentials and there was an opening here at Galileo but i’m looking most forward to teaching kids new things about physics and how we use it everyday without knowing we are.”



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