Mr. Cadette- Journey Across The World

By Cybastian Dilinila, Antonio Harocasco, Max Miles V, and Jasper Salayog

Using the student exchange program, where college students have the opportunity to study abroad in different countries, as his chance to learn new things, Biology and Chemistry teacher, Steven Cadette, was able to travel the world, and have a unique college experience that not many people cannot say they had. On his college journey he was able to study at various colleges including: the University of Arizona, Natural Central University (Taiwan), and the National University of Singapore, as well as travel to Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Bali.

Mr. Cadette realized that a college student paid approximately upwards of $40,000 just on tuition alone not including housing, food and other necessities, and by using the student exchange program he was able to study abroad, have the flexibility to choose when to take his classes, while not breaking the bank in the process.

Mr. Cadette had the opportunity to not only stay in Vietnam but to teach there as well. He was quite surprised by the students’ eagerness and willingness to learn, saying, “It was so enlightening seeing these kids wanting to learn as much as they could and how they picked up everything I taught them as if they were like sponges.”

Mr. Cadette wants to show high school students that the 4 year college route that many of them are accustomed to hearing about is not the only option they have to further their learning. He wants them to know that the student exchange program is another option for those who want to study abroad and expand their horizons. He says, “Take my word for it, it’s one of those things in life that requires the leap of faith, but the payoffs of the whole experience is priceless.”



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