Miss Kiss – Passionate Cook

Growing up cooking with her mom helped inspire a passion for cooking for Galileo assistant principal, Miss Kiss. Cooking all different types of dishes, Ms. Kiss loves trying new recipes to share with her friends and family. When she’s not cooking, Ms. Kiss still enjoys food as she spends her free time watching the cooking show “Chopped” and almost any other show on the Food Network channel.  

One reason Ms. Kiss loves cooking is because she believes it’s a way to connect with others. She says, “Cooking is a way to show people you care about them because you invest time to have people come over and do something nice for them.”

While she was growing up, Ms. Kiss loved to help her mom bake cookies. Now that she’s grown, her dishes are a little bit more complex. Her best dish is a homemade pesto sauce and a coconut chocolate chip nut bar.

While cooking may be a passion for Ms. Kiss, she doesn’t plan on making it a career, but sees it more as a beneficial hobby.  “I don’t want to become a cook because I like doing it for fun. Cooking is healthy and saves money.”


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