Mr. Flores – Finding Relief in Hiking

By Dustin Zhou and Matthew Tu
Using hiking as a stress relief, Spanish teacher, Mr. Flores, spends his weekends at Oakland Redwood Regional Park. He usually spends 2-3 hours hiking every weekend either by himself or with family/friends.

He started hiking 3 years ago since the park is near is house. He varies his hikes by going to Joaquin Miller Park and other nearby parks around Redwood Regional Park.

For Mr. Flores, hiking not only relaxes him, but also allows him to feel one with nature. He says, “as soon as I start hiking I feel an immediate relief because I’m finally away from the city.” He enjoys the redwood groves & rare wildlife, plus trails, picnic areas & campsites. He loves to observe all the different colors of nature. He recommends everyone at least once just to try it out because he says, “it’s really a relaxing experience.”

As an avid hiker, Mr. Flores has a few tips for safety. He knows what it’s like to be injured while hiking as he once had an awful fall and sprained his ankle, needing 3 hours to get back to his car. Some tips from Mr.Flores about hiking safety include; bring water, sunscreen, don’t leave any valuable in car, tell a person you’re hiking, watch your step and follow the trail.

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