Ms. Reiss – Skiing Down Slopes

Learning how to ski at the age of 8 from her dad on a family trip to Lake Tahoe, math teacher Ms. Reiss, has cultivated a love for skiing that takes up much of her free time in the winter.

While Ms. Reiss loves heading down the slopes, it will always be just a recreational hobby and not something she would want to pursue anymore than that.

She says, “I like to keep it just for fun because then it feels not so serious and important and more of something that I want to keep on going back to.”

Last year, Ms. Reiss spent almost all of her free time to go skiing with her friends, renting a ski-in, a house you can rent for the winter, in Lake Tahoe, and she would drive up every weekend. She estimates she spent about  30 days skiing last winter. She says, “You can go up and stay there and hang out with all the buddies.”

Ms. Reiss wishes that she can spend more time skiing. It has been a dream of hers to go around the world, when it’s winter time, and go ski there. “But I also like teaching!” she says.

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