Mr. Davis – Playbook to Gradebook

By Gabriel Recinos and Liam Hubbert

For the last 6 years, geometry and Pre-Calculus teacher, Mr. Davis, helped coach the freshmen football team at Sacred Heart Cathedral as a way of giving back to the sport he loves. Mr. Davis’ passion for football came from his playing days at Sequoia High School, where he played all 4 years.

“Coaching football showed me a lot about teamwork and friendship amongst the team, how they work together, how they play together, how they grow together because it’s all about teamwork when playing football.”

During his time at Sacred Heart, Mr. Davis was responsible for, coaching the linemen and also ran study hall for the entire team. Mr. Davis realized the benefits of study hall for the team. He said, “It makes their lives easier and helps them a lot through high school.”

While Mr. Davis misses coaching football for the Irish he will occasionally show up at some of their basketball, soccer and football games. However, Mr. Davis decided that he wanted to move beyond coaching and get himself into a teaching space, using his degrees in both economics and business-finance.

Mr. Davis applied to Galileo High School as a geometry and Pre-Calculus teacher. He says, “At Galileo, I enjoy watching kids play football at Galileo. I’m always rooting for them, GO LIONS!”

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