Ms. Bolles – NAVY Academy to Galileo Academy

Growing up in a small town in Maryland, English teacher Ms. Bolles, joined the NAVY after high school in order to find new opportunities and earn money for college. She spent 3 years stationed at Whidbey Island in the state of Washington, where she worked as a mechanic, operating on a surveillance aircraft engine and fixing engines.

“My time in the NAVY was life-changing and challenging. I took away the knowledge of a NAVY mechanic; I learned patience, how to apply values on a daily basis, and how to set expectations on myself,” said Ms. Bolles.

After being discharged, Ms. Bolles decided to take her money from serving in the NAVY and used it to attend community college at CCSF. There, she met many professors who encouraged her to become a teacher herself. “I was inspired by my professors and how kind they were, the knowledge I obtained from them, how they taught, and the connections they made with students like myself at the time,” Ms. Bolles stated.

After finishing at CCSF Ms. Bolles transferred to SF State where she earned her college degree and teaching credentials. Bolles said, “I wanted a career where I could keep learning everyday and never be bored.”

Aside from teaching, Ms. Bolles plays a bit of golf and plays games. “I only play one game, so I wouldn’t go around calling myself an avid gamer,” Ms. Bolles said. She also loves traveling and has been to places like France, Spain Canada, and Hawaii. Her favorite place in the world is Hawaii at the moment. Ms. Bolles explains, “Even though Hawaii is part of the United States, it just feels so different there compared to the mainland and it’s just mesmerizing.”

After high school, English teacher, Ms. Bolles started her adventure as a NAVY mechanic, but noticed that her personality didn’t suit the environment. Ms. Bolles’s first job was at a restaurant as a dishwasher. She spent 5 years in the restaurant industry and balancing school before heading off to the NAVY. Even though she joined the NAVY voluntarily, she believed that it didn’t suit her personality but she didn’t have many options in the small hometown she was living in. It was one of the ways she could obtain money for college. Not only did she get money, but she gained an unforgettable experience and realized that she “likes to make things complicated than they are”, hence why she is an English teacher now. Ms. Bolles describes her past experience saying, “It was good for me”. After three years of serving in the NAVY, she return to working in a restaurant.

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