Ms. Wong – Back to Galileo

By Kamieya Bynum

Taking over the newcomer and parent liaison counseling position, Ms. Melody Wong is no stranger to Galileo as she graduated from the school in 2010. Ms. Wong enjoyed her high school years enough to want to come back and work at her alma mater.

Originally, it wasn’t in her plans to come back to Galileo, but now that she’s here, Ms. Wong couldn’t be happier doing her dream job, giving back to students she can relate to.

“I enjoy being a counselor because I get to know the students better, have conversations about their future, and having 1 on 1 meetings,” said Ms. Wong.

Ms. Wong was partly inspired to become a counselor because of a number of teachers at Galileo whom she was close to while she was a student, including Ms. Nelson (math), Ms. Morrison (English) & Mr. Kyle (English).

As a counselor, Ms. Wong wanted to be an adult who kids could talk to and see as someone who’s in their corner, to be able to support them in anything they do, since she knows how important having someone like that can be. Overall, she says that the community at Galileo is what drew her back.

While she is happy to be back at Galileo, Ms. Wong does acknowledge that being a co-worker instead of a student is different. She said, “Even though it is weird to work with my old teacher, but they’ve welcomed me with open arms.”


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