Renamed Class Focuses On Marketing and Business

By Rachel Auyeung and Helen Huang

The “Hospitality and Tourism” class was renamed“Entrepreneurship” by  Ms. Kapchan and Mr. Seligson, the teachers of the “Start Up” pathway, who wanted to change the focus of the class to more about marketing and less about hotels.

“Entrepreneurshiphelps students cultivate skills such as business and marketing. The difference between the classes is that hospitality asks people what they need versus entrepreneurship tells you what you need,” said Ms. Kapchan.

Although the class is supposed to be part the pathway, seniors who are interested in the class can also take it as an elective.This year, the class could only fit 32 students, but the teachers are hoping that next year they can double the number of students.

While the pathway accepts both juniors and seniors, classes are not mixed between grades because some of the seniors have already taken the “Start Up” class (formerly “hospitality and tourism”) during their junior year.

Both the “Start Up” and “Entrepreneurship” classes are similar in that they go on field trips visiting different businesses; however in “Entrepreneurship” they focus on businesses they who are creating things on their own.

Students in class are enjoying it thus far. Senior Monica C., says, “The class is fun you get to go see how businesses are created. You also get to go on a lot of field trips so you you’re not just sitting in class.”

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