Bright Future for Cross Country

Galileo’s Cross Country has gone from a Senior heavy team to a underclass dominant group. While they may not have the experience that previous teams had they’re still placing well, both girls and boys have placed top three in each of the 3 meets they’ve competed in.

In addition, at the Castro Valley Invitational on October 13th, which included schools from all over the Bay Area, the girls placed third as a team.

While the coaches recognize the inexperience of the team, they also see the potential. “It’s a rebuilding year but it’s good because they’re working, they have talent and they’re going to develop into good runners,” says Coach Keough

Future standout runners for the team include  Sophomores Finn L and Maia P. “If they keep at it and if they learn what it takes to commit to this sport then they’ll be very good in the future,” says Senior Andy C.

However a young team does come with its struggles as the underclassmen are not as disciplined and hardworking as upperclassmen. “The team needs to commit to the sport and cheering people on while they’re running really helps motivate them,” says Senior Celine R.

While the team has an eye on the future, they’re still hopeful for this year. “Both teams, boys and girls, should medal this year in All CIty,” said Celine R.

Cross Country’s upcoming meets are Thursday October 25th at the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park.

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