Ms. Eckstein – Travling Enthusiast

As a self-proclaimed travel lover and outdoor enthusiast, new Galileo school counselor, Ms. Eckstein, has been to 49 out of 50 states, with the only state she hasn’t traveled to yet being North Dakota. She has lived abroad, visited a few other countries, and plans to travel much more internationally.

Other than California, Ms. Eckstein’s favorite states are Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington because of the seemingly endless natural beauty and wildlife. The National parks are her favorite part of traveling because she enjoys hiking and being out in nature. “To me, the most beautiful thing this country has done is set aside land for our parks,” said Ms. Eckstein.

The goal of traveling for Ms. Eckstein extends beyond just the United States. She plans to visit all seven continents over the next decade and has four more to go. She loves visiting new places, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people.

In between working as a teacher and a school counselor, Ms. Eckstein worked as a tour guide and took people from all over the world on camping trips throughout the country. She enjoyed working as a tour guide because it gave her the opportunity to meet new people, take them hiking, share the country, and places she loves with them. Ms. Eckstein encourages everyone to get out to the parks and experience all of the beauty they have to offer.

Ms. Eckstein’s love for hiking began as a teenager exploring the Appalachian Trail. She discovered the natural beauty of the west coast while working as a tour guide and moved to California to work as a school counselor in a new city and to be closer to her family. She has also been a school counselor in Philadelphia and New York. Ms. Eckstein says, “California is the perfect location for hiking, camping, and getting out in nature.” She loves working at Galileo and living in San Francisco. It’s her favorite school to date because of the community and spirit of Gal students, staff, and families.


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