Homecoming Shift

By, Leo Dujardin 

For the second year in a row, Galileo’s homecoming, “City of Stars”, ended up being  held at the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf on Saturday, October 13th. The ASB had originally planned to hold homecoming in the gym to save money because they thought not a lot of people were going to go; however, the Galileo administration, told ASB that the school is not a secure location for a dance, which forced the ASB to change venues.

The ASB came up with the idea to have the dance in the gym to save money because they recognized a trend, over the last several years, that fewer and fewer students were attending the dance. They were hoping to do something new and different with the dance this year. ASB Historian, Cody Tieu said, “We were excited about having homecoming at Galileo. We planned to have both a dance (in the gym) and a carnival (in the courtyard). Also the tickets would have been cheaper than having it at a hotel.”  

While having the dance at the Hyatt wasn’t the original plan, the number of attendees actually exceeded ASB’s expectations. Senior ASB president Vincent L. said, “The turnout was better than expected, there were a lot of negativity towards the dance, and we weren’t expecting the turnout to be the way it was.”

Despite a better turnout than anticipated, the dance was a negative  in that the ASB lost about $5000 as  only 150 tickets were sold.  

As for the dance itself, those who attended had mixed feelings. Some cited the DJ as a problem. Senior Kevin S. said, ”The DJ played the songs for too long and the requested songs weren’t being played and towards the end of the dance, songs were being repeated.”

Others felt the homecoming court this year wasn’t as eventful as last year’s with the winners only being announced without dancing. The court winners this year for the seniors were Carolyn H. and Wendy Y., for the juniors William Z. and Jason T., for the sophomores Vanessa C. and Christine Z., and for the freshmen, Patricia G. and Anfal F.  

While some students didn’t enjoy their experience at the dance, others had  more positive reactions. Sophomore Christine Z. said, “I thought homecoming was fun and the food was great”.


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