Homecoming Made Me Want To Go Home

Saturday, October 13, 2018 was the day of our homecoming dance. This year’s homecoming dance theme was “The City Of Stars”

I decided to go to homecoming as soon as it was announced. Both my sophomore and junior year I attended homecoming and neither turned out as I expected because I was told it was going to be super fun and they would play good music at the dance. It turned out to be alright, because all my friends were hyping up the dance,but not a lot of people showed up and the music was questionable for my taste.

My expectations for this year’s homecoming dance was already pretty low based on my past experiences, but I still decided to go because it was my last dance. I figured at the very least it would be a good time to spend with my friends even though I knew the dance probably wouldn’t be very good.

Even with lowered expectations, I was still excited for the dance as my friends and I were expecting tons of people from the senior class to show up, and we thought we’d hear the  DJ to play some good music. Unfortunately, homecoming turned out to become to be the complete opposite.

This years homecoming dance was the worst I have been to in my four years at Galileo. I say this because the music that was played wasn’t the type of music you could really jam out to, but was more throwback and sing-along songs. Most of the songs played made us dance for a good minute, but then the song would become boring and everyone would go sit down again. This cycle happened throughout the night because the DJ wasn’t able to take song suggestions.

Another reason I felt the dance wasn’t very good was because of the number of attendees. According to our ASB President Vincent Liang, there were approximately 170 ticket sales and about 150 of those people actually showed up to the dance. It was also said the majority of the ticket sales were from the senior and sophomore class showing that juniors for some reason had no interest in the homecoming dance. The shortage of people made the dance floor very empty so, if more people showed up at the dances people wouldn’t be scared to get on the floor knowing that they have friends and other people with them.

The final reason for me personally would also be that the people who attended the dance were just dry, they didn’t have any energy when they were on the dance floor. Half the time people were off to the side just chatting with friends, and taking tons of pictures.

I feel like to improve the dances in the future, we have to make the dance actually appeal to the students at school and make them want to go to the next dance. This will help fix the amount of people going to the dance and will bring more people that may help create a spark for the energy. A solution to the music selection is to make it so any music/genre should be played, and we shouldn’t be limited to explicit music. Although there are many reasons that made the dance bad I don’t regret going knowing that it was my last homecoming dance at Galileo. This gives me a good idea of what future dances will look like, but it won’t stop me from going because I want to go to every dance this year since its my senior year.

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