Back to School Night Disappointment

By William Hubbert and Gabriel Recinos Tirado

Back to School Night is a yearly event which takes place in early October, though you’d be hard pressed to find a student who actually knew the specific date. This year, Back to School Night took place on October 11th, and despite the school administrations “best efforts”, hardly anyone attended, and from my experience, I’ve gone every year since I was a freshman, it definitely felt like the lowest turnout.

The first issue was I didn’t find out about Back to School Night until the day before the event, when my homeroom teacher handed me the Back to School Night schedule. Luckily my mom wasn’t busy that night, but she was annoyed that I was telling her so last minute.

The most obvious thing about Back to School Night was how empty it was. Most of the hallways were bare with almost nobody walking around. Looking into different classrooms, about half of them were empty, or only had 1 parent. My parents and I visited 4 classrooms, and we were the only ones who showed up. My 5th and 6th period teachers were not even in their classrooms, so we just left. Math teacher, Ms. Su, claims that only seven people attended her presentations in total, down from the normal 25-50 total. A student, who would prefer to remain anonymous, claims that he didn’t hear about the event until the day of, mere hours before. Some parents did not receive an email at all regarding Back to School Night.

If the school wants a better turnout for Back to School Night, then they need to better communicate when future events are happening. They did this well in the past utilising posters hung up around the school that identified the date, but it feels like recently the administration has refrained from doing this. In the future, the school should return to this style of promotion, and use posters hung around the school to advertise upcoming events. Otherwise, it just feels like a waste of time.


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