Mr. Mendoza – Love of Soccer

Ever since he was five, soccer has played a huge part in P.E teacher, Mr. Mendoza’s life. He first started playing soccer because his older brother also played, but Mr. Mendoza became passionate about the sport himself and it eventually helped lead him to becoming a teacher.

At Tulare Union High School, Mr. Mendoza made it onto the varsity soccer team as a freshman, playing center- midfielder all 4 years. He would practice everyday of the week as well as playing in games on the weekends to hone his skills.

Soccer eventually led to Mr. Mendoza meeting Jeremy Shultz, who was a major influence on Mr. Mendoza. Mr. Schultz coached Mr. Mendoza on a club soccer team and  inspired Mr. Mendoza to become a teacher. Mr. Mendoza still keeps in contact with Shultz today.

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