AP Classes: The Good & Bad


Students listening to Mr. Chinn during his AP Bio lecture

With the opportunity of taking multiple AP classes at the same time, some seniors and juniors believe its worth whatever difficulties they face for the opportunity to get ahead.

AP (advanced placement) classes give students the experience of being in an introductory level college course while still in high school. Typically, the class move much faster than a regular high school class and also require much more work and study time by students.

For one AP class, teachers expect students to either study or work on homework for at least 2-3 hours a night. For students who are taking multiple AP classes, this means countless hours of studying and very little sleep. Most students though are willing to put the work into these classes for the benefits they believe they receive from the course.

“I think [to myself], if I do well in classes and on tests, then I don’t have to take that class in college,” says Senior Leo D, who is taking  AP Computer Science, AP Calculus AB, and AP Government.

Senior Lillian, who is taking AP English and AP Government, says, “I would say the boosted GPA is probably one of the biggest perks.”

Junior Connie S., who is taking AP English and AP Biology, agrees, saying, “These classes can benefit me in college because I could get college credit from the AP exams if I pass”.

While students focus on the benefits of taking APs, they also realize there is a lot of sacrifice involved in order to be successful in the class. Senior Aiden Z., who is taking AP Physics and AP Calculus, says, “I’m giving up time after basketball practice to like, study and do work because I have to finish all the classwork and homework first  before I can study, but the homework takes a while.”

Students working diligently in AP Stats

Senior Abdullah, who is taking AP Environmental Science and AP English says, “What I’m giving up for my AP classes is a few hours of my free time … even out my workout time because it’s hard to balance i“t out .”

Galileo’s college counselor, Ms. Chan, believes students should take as many AP classes as they can handle because it will look good on their college applications, but knows it can be difficult to handle multiple AP classes.

Ms. Chan believes if a student struggles keeping up with AP classes, the best thing to do is get help from teachers early in the curriculum, so that you won’t fall behind. She says, “It’s always better to prevent a problem than trying to resolve a problem.”

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