An Unexpected Art Collector

By William Hubbert and Gabriel Recinos Tirado

While art collection can be an expensive hobby, Galileo substitute, Mr. Nikas, has found it incredibly rewarding. Mr. Nikas has an art collection of around 2,200 different paintings, all of which were created by a single artist, José Guadalupe de Posada. Mr. Nikas acquired these in Mexico, the home of the artist. Posada’s art is famous for its use of skeletons to make what amounted to political cartoons and critiques of modern culture, the most famous of which was “La Catrina”.

Mr. Nikas was introduced to the art by a friend of the grandson of the distributor of the art from back when Posada was alive, about a century and a half ago. The distributor’s name was Antonio Vanegas Arroyo, and it was Mr. Arroyo’s grandson who sold the art to Mr. Nikas for “tens of thousands of dollars”. The art was then shipped back to America, 20 or 30 pieces at a time.

The paintings are extremely valuable to Mr. Nikas because of the history and culture they represent. He believes they depict a big part of the Mexican culture as all the paintings depict “Dia de los Muertos” (day of the dead). Mr. Nikas says, “I believe it is priceless, due to its place in Mexico’s culture and history.”

Mr. Nikas’ love for Posada’s art and the culture that surrounds it makes Mr. Nikas, without a doubt, one of the most interesting substitutes at Galileo.


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