Classroom Now Equipped for Emergencies

By, Dustin Z and Matthew T

As a precaution In case of an emergency, Galileo’s administration has equipped every classroom with a lockdown kit and emergency backpack that can help a class survive for up to 72 hours. At the beginning of the school year, each teacher received the kit and backpack, with the backpack needing to be carried anytime there is an emergency drill.  

The administration believes that given some of the dangerous situations that have happened in our country, the school needs to be ready for anything. The assistant principal, Ms. Arkin, said: “it’s always better to be prepared because you never know what could happen.”

The purpose of the lockdown kit is in case a student really needs to use the restroom. It is a bucket with a special lid that contains a tarp,( in order to cover up anybody using the kit), biohazard-labeled plastic bags, kitty litter, toilet paper, Cleansing towelettes, disposable gloves, and duct tape.

While most students shudder at the thought of using a bucket for the restroom in class, Ms. Arkin points out, “it’s not about luxury it’s all about survival in times of an emergency.” At least one student agreed, junior Bryson Zheng, said: “If you gotta go, you gotta go.”

On the other hand, teachers pointed out some of the issues that could arise, Entreupernship teacher, Ms. Kapchan, said: “ it’s necessary, but degrading to have your student use the restroom in a class of 25-30 kids.”

While the lockdown kit can be used for restroom purposes, the emergency backpack includes supplies other supplies if a class is stuck somewhere for hours. The backpack comes with a flashlight, protective gloves, crowbar, purified drinking water, first aid kit, and a bag of various supplies like glow sticks, emergency blanket, extra batteries, etc. During all emergencies and evacuations procedures, the emergency backpack is always required to be brought.

In the future, the administration would like to continue looking into more supplies in case of an emergency Ms. Arkin mentioned that at her old school had an area that held water and little nutritious snacks. History teacher Mr. Lynch also suggested adding a radio added to the kit.


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