ARK Club Spreading Positivity

Looking to spread school spirit and happiness, the ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) club hopes to make school “a less depressing place” Starting in 2017 by Galileo graduate Fiona Tsui, Galileo is one of only two ARK chapters in San Francisco, the other being at Lowell.

From left to right: Maraljin G., Elena F., Grace H., Rachel T., Jessica L., Lillian W., and Li W.

The purpose of this club is to have students brighten the environment at school. The officers of ARK strive to create intriguing activities that students would like to be involved in and to have a relaxing space to eat lunch. According to co-president Jessica L., one of many ARK Club’s goals is, [they] “to put a smile on someone’s face, even with a little gesture.” The other co-president, Rachel T., thinks the best thing about ARK club is, “knowing that you’re making someone’s day better and seeing the little gestures to our projects are satisfying; it makes us feel like what we do is worth it.”

Over 70 students initially signed up to join the club at the beginning of the school year, and about 30 are regularly committed, attending meetings during lunch every Monday in room 102.

Even though the Galileo ARK club only started in 2017, they have accomplished many projects already, such as pasting positive holiday themed notes on students’ lockers and around the school to spread joy. So far this school year, they have attached clothing pins onto people with positive notes written on the pin. Another project they recently finished was taping paper notes around student’s lockers with Halloween themed puns written on them.

Upcoming projects include, during the Christmas season, they plan to pass out candy canes to spread the holiday spirit. On Valentine’s Day, they have brainstormed to post pick up lines onto locker notes, and during the stressful week of finals, they intend to create motivational notes to help students get through the week with a reminder.

Although the ARK club has had successful projects and a happy community, they are still looking to make improvements. One thing they want to focus on is building a stronger community within the club and the school, which includes having more students get to know others beyond just their group of friends  

While the co-presidents believes that many of their expectations have been met already, they also want to remind people, “it’s the little things that count”.

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