Galileo Welcomes a New Dean!

Seeking new challenges and an opportunity to learn new things, former counselor, Mr. Amador, accepted the position of dean at Galileo near the beginning of the school year, after former Dean Frazier left for a different position in the district.

Mr. Amador first learned about the position from a school wide email. However, after serving as a counselor for only 2 years, he had to contemplate the decision of applying because he never planned to be a Dean. Mr. Amador said, “This decision was not easy, but the opportunity to learn a new skill looked appealing.”

Mr. Amador has had to adjust to the differences from being a counselor to now a dean. “In terms of responsibility, discipline is something that a counselor does not do. Counseling deals with a lot of academics, working with teachers, being the mediator, and being an emotional support to students while adding a layer of safety to the school. Dean’s [deal with behavior in a different approach,” says Mr. Amador.

For Mr. Amador there are definitely positives and negatives about switching positions. He says, “I miss lots of 1 on 1s [with students], and it is not as personal. I do like it when there is a positive change in the student’s behavior….A lot of counseling work is still present like mediating an issue between two students. When students feel unsafe, they can tell the Dean that they are bullied or victimized in a sort of way. Deans can find ways to support both the victim and the aggressor.”

Other Galileo staff are really happy Mr. Amador has made the switch to dean. His co-worker, Dean Morgan says, “I love working with Mr. Amador! It’s great to have a partner that has been a teacher and counselor just like me!” Counselor Ms. Wong added, “Working with Mr. Amador has been a joy because he always brings light to situations, is knowledgeable, and takes his work seriously.

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