Halloween Costume Contest 2018

Galileo’s Annual Halloween Costume Contest, hosted by the ASB, was highlighted by 2 different groups of teachers.

The winners of the teachers competition were history teachers Mr. Lynch, Ms. Ung, Mr. Seligson & dean Amador, who was dressed as a baseball team called “The Warriors” from the movie, “Baseball Furies”. Ms. Ung mentioned, “It was complicated to agree on a costume idea and we were undecided for a long time. But we finally committed to something.” Not to be outdone, the counselors dressed up as Galileo Superheroes, which included customized shirts and red capes.

While there is usually just one winner from the teachers and one from the students, this year there were so many student participants the ASB decided to award more than one student winner. The individual winner for the students was sophomore, Wei Ming, who dressed as an anime character, while the ASB awarded 2 group winners, senior Max M. and junior, Malena M. as James P. Sullivan and Boo from Monsters Inc., and sophomores, Nguyen Nguyen and Lin Min who dressed up as anime maids.

“We were really surprised that we won because there were a lot of participants that dressed up as well,” says Max.

While the Halloween contest has been a yearly tradition for the last 15 years, unfortunately, no teachers were able to organize a flash mob.


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