My First Experience With Fortnite

By JJ Liu

You’ve probably heard of “Fortnite” somewhere in the past year since its release in July of 2017, whether it’ll be on social mediatelevision, an advertisement, your friends, etc. At its peak in April of 2018, Fortnite recorded 78.3 million players logging in every month and playing. According to SuperData, Fortnite has pulled in about 1.2 billion dollars in its first nine months since release and is projected to make well over 2 billion dollars by the end of 2018.

Fortnite’s success to attract millions of people to download can be largely attributed to how different of a game it is compared to your average shooter game. The game includes a building feature to it, which has never been seen or incorporated into a shooting game before. The game is also widely accessible across multiple gaming platforms and is 100 percent free to play

The reason I personally never tried the game out was because I thought the game was overrated and that everyone was overhyping it as a great game. I usually play shooter games, but ones that are more visually appealing like Battlefield.

At first glance, the game looks very childish and looks to be focused on capturing a younger audience. The game’s graphics are very cartoonish and it may not appeal to people who haven’t tried the game out themselves as it did to me.

To experience Fortnite and decide whether the game lives up to the hype, I decided to download the game on my computer and try it out for a week, playing at least 2 hours a day to really learn the game and see what the game has to offer. Downloading the game and signing up for an account is standard, as it is all easily accessible on Epic Games’ website,

        Hopping into the game, I noticed that there was a seasonal pass that the game offered. This pass rewards players with cosmetics for finishing challenges and playing the game more, so I can see how that could attract a lot of players to purchase it. You can choose to play as a solo, a duo with a friend, or squads in a group of three other players. The game also has a mode called “Playgrounds,” which allows you to practice your skills on your own.

       The game offers a wide variety of cosmetics in the item shop, which is on a 24-hour cycle and changes daily. The gameplay itself is not to be looked over, as it is very fun and addictive. It is “Battle Royale” styled, and has a big, open world map with 100 players in each individual session. Players fight for survival and the last person standing is the winner.

After playing for a week, I can conclude that Fortnite is very fun and addicting. Although I hadmy doubts about the game, I can safely say that I will definitely continue playing the game because of the fun I had during this session. The building aspect of the game leaves players like me hooked onto the game to play more and improve our skills on our capabilities.

Entering into a game with friends is easy, fun, and the teamwork in squad games is very important to ensure victory. The jokes and sarcasm you encounter with other players in these games make it very enjoyable and give you a good laugh. It’s a fun environment, as you meet other players in the game who share the same passion as you. Fortnite has certainly lived up to its hype and will continue to prosper for years to come; this game is one of a kind and there really is no other game currently that is similar to it.

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