What Happened to JROTC?

  By Cybastian Dilinila, Jasper Salayog, Antonio Harocasco, Kamieya Bynum

Due to funding issues and a lack of student interest, the JROTC program was canceled last year after being at Galileo for over 15 years. In addition to Iosing the JROTC class, most of the teams associated with the program, including the girls’ drill team and silent drill team also disbanded this year due to various reasons.

When news of the program being canceled first came about, a number of students did what they could to try and save the program. They tried a number of different things, including, having a meeting with the principal, making a petition, and handing out stickers to spread the word (with news spreading to Washington and Lowell high school). However, none of these things were enough to be able to keep the program.

Many of these students are still sad that the JROTC program is no longer at Galileo. “The whole drum corp misses Sarge and the JROTC program because they were all an extended family. The loss of RO has been hard on them to cope with,” says senior John M.

“I feel upset that the RO program is no longer around because of the school could’ve fixed [the funding issue]. Also, the future generations of students won’t be able to live the traditions that have been around for all of Galileo’s years it’s been here. They will miss out on being a leader, meeting new people and finding a place to go to when there isn’t any. To sum it all up. Galileo won’t be the same without RO,” said junior Ken S.

While most of the JROTC program is now gone, there is still one group trying to carry on the legacy. The Drum Corp has continued to thrive as a club despite some of the obstacles they faced.

The team was able to find a sponsor, chemistry teacher, Ms. Stiles, and continues to perform as well as plans on entering competitions.They also have been able to store they’re drums and uniforms inside a small room in the RO room, and have available for them to practice in at any time. There are currently 27 people on the team, with about a more than half of the people being new faces.

When asked about how the team is continuing on the legacy of ROTC, John replied with the team’s dismissal, saying, “Highly motivated, truly dedicated, rough, tough, can’t get enough.”

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