Life At The Movies

 From people complaining about three tiny popcorn kernels on their seat to complaining about the bar not being open, life as an AMC employee can be interesting. I’ve been working at the AMC Metreon for about 7 months now. I love movies and when I saw that there was an opening at the biggest theater in San Francisco I quickly applied. Not only did I think it would be interesting to work at a theater, but I was also drawn to the list of benefits, which included: a flexible working schedule, free popcorn, drinks, and movies, which all sounded amazing to me! (I mean who doesn’t like free stuff)

After the application process was finished I waited and waited until I finally got a call back. With my past working experience working for the San Francisco Giants and my local Boys and Girls club I was qualified enough to get the job.

I’ve worked 2 different positions while at AMC. I started off as an usher but moved over to concessions after the first couple of months. Being in the customer service industry is an extremely fast paced and requires a lot of discipline and patience. At times I encounter what I call “problem guests” which means no matter what you say they always want to be right, even if it’s as far from the truth as can be.

One example of a “problem guest” would be what I call “the freshies” this type of problem guest are often seen hanging around the concession area with a tub of popcorn. After I sell these guest some fresh popcorn, they wait around and chill, eating their popcorn while maybe waiting for their friends or the movie to start. After a certain period of time, they barge up to the counter and yell, “MY POPCORN IS COLD! I WANT NEW POPCORN” at the top of their lungs as if they are a child wanting a new toy after they’ve just been given one. You cant really do anything as an employee but wonder “Where do these people come from?” or “Who raised them?” Believe me when I say, there as plenty more stories where that came from.

Despite sometimes having to deal with these types of people, overall, working at AMC has been fun. I am surrounded by coworkers that aren’t annoying and that I can actually talk to as well as managers that I can have a laugh with and who ask me how I’m doing. I feel relaxed knowing that at the end of the day, my job makes me happy and that I don’t dread going to work. In fact I see work as a place I can hang out even when I’m not working, and that’s pretty much all I could ask for out of a job. 

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