Lions Whisper – Thanksgiving Holiday Activities

Written by Kamieya B. and Wendy Y.

Galileo has a variety of students that come from different backgrounds, thus producing many different traditions that are celebrated with family over special breaks. Galileopress was interested in what students and staff did to celebrate the occasion, whether it was resting at home from the stress of school, or going on vacation to make the most out of the break.


Ms. Su 10th grade Geometry teacher

“I wrote letters of recommendation, went to every doctor appointment I put off in the year, and then went to visit friends and family here because they do not live out here. I slept so much. I had lots of stuff around the house to do. But normally I usually go on trips and stuff over the weekend but not this year. I actually went to Vancouver last week.”





Kristen from JCYC

“I had Thanksgiving dinner with my family. We have a tradition where we go on a hike after Thanksgiving. Some families have tradition to go shopping ours is to go hiking.” 








Mr. Mendoza P.E teacher

“Chilled. I literally did not do anything.”







Joshua R. 9th grade

“I went to my grandma’s house to eat and watched the football games.”







Gianna S. 9th grade

“Hung out, slept, ate, went Black Friday shopping. I also had volleyball practice and dragon boat practice.”






Christine L. 9th grade

“Over Thanksgiving break, I did a Friendsgiving; we brought gifts for each other. I went to twin peaks and had a little movie time. Watched Netflix, ate, slept.”





Marcus Y. 9th grade

“Friendsgiving, hung out with family, hung out with friends, Black Friday shopping, and got a lot of sleeping.”






Trina L. 9th grade

“I went out with my family. I made sure I went Black Friday shopping because everything was on sale.”






Jasmine T. 10th grade

“I spent time with my family. We went to cook food at my grandma’s house and had family over. I also went Black Friday shopping for a few things.”







Moanee A. 9th grade

“I spent time with my mom, ate food, hung out with my friends and went to my grandma house. I did Black Friday shopping on online.”





Chester O. 10th grade

“I stayed home and ate dinner. Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I didn’t go anywhere. I went to do some Black Friday shopping.”






Jeffrey Z. 10th grade

“I went to the ASB leadership conference, gotta be in that dragon boat grind, homework, and did a little Black Friday shopping.”






Taylor M. 12th grade

“I didn’t really have plans for Thanksgiving break and we celebrated my mom’s birthday on Thanksgiving.”






Kimberly S. 11th grade

“Stayed in bed hung out with my pets, also ate with my parents, went Black Friday shopping, and Disneyland over the break.”

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