Delays, Rain Doom Lions in Playoffs

The Galileo Varsity Football team’s season ended in the playoffs against the Mission Bears, on November 23rd during Thanksgiving Break, losing 27-0. The game had continuously been postponed from the original November 15th date due to air quality caused by the California wildfires. The Lions also had their game against Balboa canceled on November 9th making their playoff game the first game they had played in 4 weeks.

Not only were the Lions going into the game rusty, they were also shorthanded, due to various players dealing with injuries, not having grades, and being on vacation. “We were missing some key players like Yarvell S. (RB), Joseph A. (OL), Makah C. (OL), Kyree C. (DT), Rafael O. (OL), and Max M. (OL),” said Junior QB Matthew Tu, “so it was hard for us to fight back knowing we did not have our full roster on the field.”

Another factor the Lions were up against were the elements. The day of the game was pouring rain, giving the players an atmosphere they hadn’t really experienced before. Senior Brandon C. (OL) says, “ The rain was annoying for our players it caused the ball to slip out of our hands, which hurt us causing us to throw turnovers. Our team is also very passing game heavy.”

With the weather conditions playing a factor, the Lions got down early, 14-0 in the first quarter and could never muster any offensive momentum. “We like to throw the ball, but the rain made it hard,” said head coach Mark Huynh, adding,“ and having Yarvell out it allowed Mission’s defense to key up on star player, Jimmie Edwards.”

While the Lions will not be able to repeat this year as state champions, most see the season as a success. Senior WR Reese Bickart, “It was a good season, but injuries held us back and we needed people to step up.” The Lion’s ended the season with a 7-3 record.

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