Multicultural Assembly

Written By Nia M. and Maraljin G.

The Mult-Cultural Assembly was started by former teacher and ASB advisor, Mr.Wing, a number of years ago, but was stopped after the introduction of the talent show at Galileo.

Two years later, in 2008, Peer Resources teacher, Ms. Alarcon, decided to bring back the assembly because she wanted students to see more culturally based performances. In order to put the assembly together, Ms. Alarcon helps students with their performances and looks for different clubs to recruit. Her stage crew helps with the lighting, audio, and opening and closing the curtains.

For Ms. Alacron, the best part about putting on the assembly is seeing all of the students practicing and working hard on their routines, then seeing them perform on stage and being proud of themselves after doubting themselves.

On the other hand, the hardest thing for Ms. Alarcon about the assembly is students saying bad things on social media about the performances. Ms. Alarcon says, “I hope people realize that the mean things people comment can prevent people from wanting to perform.” Overall, it’s a lot of work, but she still manages and couldn’t do it without the help of the Futurama staff.

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