CADA conference Inspires ASB


By: Cody Tieu


After spending a day at the California Association of Directors of Activities (CADA) conference on November 19th at James Logan High School in Union City, the Galileo ASB was taught a number of different ways they could use to help bring the school community together even more. The big takeaway for the ASB is that they learned that hosting more events that include students, families, and staff will help strengthen the community.

One way the ASB hopes to bring the Galileo community together is by greeting new staff to the school with a welcome basket, as a way to show courtesy and respect as well as welcoming them into the community.

ASB Commissioner of Activities and Rallies, Erika L. says  “I really like the idea of welcoming new staff to our school because it shows that they are appreciated and are welcomed to the community. Usually, ASB tries to help get the students’ voices heard but I think that we should also include the teachers because they are part of the community as well.”

A few of the senior ASB officers attended a workshop that taught them how they can get more students to participate in pep rallies, come to dances, make the school a more fun environment and ensure that student’s voices are heard.

“I hope to be able to have more pep rallies especially one similar to “Song and Yell” in the spring. I also hope that we’ll be able to lower the prices for dances especially prom but we would need to get people to help to volunteer and fundraise for class. The attendance for pep rallies have been slightly low, but we are working on ways to make pep rallies more fun,” says Senior Class Activities Chairperson, Meghan B. 

Another ASB officer, who wished to remain nameless, said, “As part of student government, I feel like we aren’t doing a great job of representing the students and instead, a different group of people. Having that said, it is hard to please everyone at our school. We try our best to make sure that we give students what they want without having any conflict. After attending CADA, I learned that the great changes that can happen to the school starts with the student government representing the students’ voices.”

ASB Advisor Ms. Kwan felt that the conference was an invaluable source of information for the officers. She would like to see more students, beyond just officers, take more of a leadership role at Galileo. She said, “Many other schools have leadership class scheduled as a daily class; this allows them to actually teach leadership curriculum to the students.  I want to incorporate more leadership building activities in our ECM (Executive Council Meetings) so that it’s not just going over business items. I want students to grow as leaders and feel empowered to organize student activities on their own.”


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