Harvest Fest Rain Check

The Harvest Food Festival was originally planned for November 16th; however, due to the poor air quality, school was canceled that day and the festival was moved to Friday, November 30th.

During the first food fest of the year (Oktoberfest), the ASB introduced a new ticketing system in which students needed tickets instead of cash in order to receive food. This new system frustrated both students and clubs, which affected the number of clubs willing to sell at the Harvest Festival. An ASB officer stated, ”Clubs dropped out of food fest this time, due to not making enough money through the ticket system.”


sold Thai Tea (Teaspoon) for 5 tickets ($5) for 1 cup






Junior Pep Club

sold Pizza for 3 tickets ($3) / slice or 5 tickets ($5) / 2 slices







Galileo Track

sold Chili Dogs for 3 tickets-5 tickets ($3-$5) / chili dog






Sophomore Pep Club

sold Hot Dogs for 2 tickets ($2) / hot dog or 3 tickets ($3) / hot dog and chips+salsa






Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

sold Italian Soda + Chicken Teriyaki Musubi for


Regular = 2 tickets ($2)

2 flavors = 3 tickets ($3)

Unlimited flavors = 4 tickets ($4.00)

Chicken Teriyaki Musubi:

                                                                                  3 tickets ($3) / 1 musubi

                                                                                  5 tickets ($5) / 2 musubi


Freshmen Pep Club

sold Kimchi over Rice for Mild or Spicy


$1 seaweed rice seasoning

buy 2 bowls, get free seasoning




Galileo Cheer

sold Nachos for 3 tickets ($3) / tray



























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