Robots Take Over Galileo

Story Written By: Kelly Phung, Linda Zhong and Ailin Liang

SoftBank Robotics America donated 5 robots to Galileo Academy of Science and Technology to use on December 5th as students from Galileo’s Girls Coding Club demonstrated for the media how to use Pepper robots to create custom applications that include conversation, animation, and images.

“(Softbank) wanted to show how their product could help energize and excite young people and expose them to computer science and stem programs,” said Ms. Su, who advises the Girls Coding Club.

“It was kind of nerve wracking because the ABC (news) people were there, but they were really nice and supportive,” said senior Rashika S. Zaheera,  a member of the club.

The purpose of the robots at Galileo was to let young teenagers learn more about computer science and the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) program. The humanoid robots will be used to help high school students learn to code.

“I think the robots are really great for grabbing students attention… I really appreciate the opportunity for the students to experience something different than something that they would experience in class,” said Ms. Su.

Junior Kiana E. Asnieres, added, “It was a really good experience to expose our (Girls Coding Club) club to the media. It might inspire more young people to be interested in coding.”

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