Ms. Morrison’s Year Off

After teaching English at Galileo for 14 years, last year Ms. Morrison took a leave of absence in 2017 in order to work on her writing. After having several poems published previously, she decided to produce her own collection of poetry, which she plans to submit in January.  

Ms. Morrison decided to come back to Galileo because of her love for teaching, as well as the inspiration she receives from the students to write. “I realized last year that teaching writing is a creative act for me, and I need it alongside writing my own stuff. Removing the art of teaching was a struggle.”

During her time off, Ms. Morrison traveled throughout the year, and received a lot of encouragement for her writing. She traveled to New Orleans (where her writing was featured at 2 literary events), and various places in Europe. Budapest and Austria were the most influential places for her poetry, but nothing could top New Orleans. “New Orleans is always magical for me, I’ve been there several times and love the art, music, culture, life, and weather. If you give me a journal while I’m in New Orleans, it will be filled by the time I leave.”  

A sneak peak for the cover of Ms. Morrison’s manuscript.

Ms. Morrison’s manuscript began around 5 years ago, but she didn’t know what it would lead to, at the time. “I’ve been writing my whole life, but up until my mother’s passing, writing them was enough. After she died, it wasn’t anymore. I promised her I would share my work, so now I do.”

Within her year off, she was able to create a scheduled routine for her writing, so she could make small changes in her collection of 189 poems. She would write or edit for three to four hours a day almost five times a week, mostly at cafes. Ms. Morrison often slept during the day and wrote at night since more of her ideas come to her at night.

Apart from teaching, Ms. Morrison’s dream has always been to publish a book. Through hard work and determination, her manuscript is currently in the process of being published. The manuscripts are a collection of poems about many things, shaped into three sections: teaching and the dual way both teachers and students heal and learn together, love, and the realities of women. “If you told me at your age I would become a feminist poet, I would have laughed at you. But somehow, I ended up writing about what women endure just to breathe.” Her collection will be titled, “From Her Wrist”.


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