Peer Resources Pitches for Best Buddies

(left to right) Grace H. (senior), Elena F. (senior), Maria G. (junior), Deli G. (freshman), Feifan F. (junior), Sean Q. (senior), and Ram L. (senior).

On December 5, 2018, the Galileo 3rd period Peer Resources class went to the Peer Resouces Transformative Change Day at a Google Community Space to pitch a big event for the Best Buddies Club, in competition with many other schools, Mission, Balboa, June Jordan, Lowell, and Lincoln. The class only received part of the $560 request they desired for, however, a private sponsor advocated for the cause and offered to subsidized remaining funds for the big event.

“I feel disappointed that we did not receive the full amount, however, I feel extremely grateful that we are lucky enough to have part of the funds and such a generous sponsor,” said Grace H., one of the leaders of Best Buddies Club.

The event that was pitched was to go bowling with pizza, an event that the Best Buddies Club plans annually. The price includes at least 35 people participating at $15 per person. The Peer Resources class is integrated with the Best Buddies Club for social change; they want Galileo Academy to be more inclusive to the entire population. With the main goal in mind, the 3rd period Peer Resources has been planning a pitch for fundraising the Best Buddies Club.

“My students did a fantastic job of explaining the project, the purpose of the project, and how they want to create change here at Galileo High School. Several adult allies approached me and told me that it was such a selfless project for my students to take on and that they hope that we get funded,” said Jackie, the Peer Resources teacher.

Best Buddies is a club that works with students with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) to make them feel more included in the school community by including them in 1 on 1 friendships. In Best Buddies Club, they do different activities, such as making crafts, having friendly conversations, playing games, and meeting on the weekends. The purpose of Best Buddies is to spread inclusion within the school community and to support students who might be otherwise ostracized.

To support the Best Buddies Club, you can donate to the big event here:

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