Club Soccer takes to the Streets

Hoping to bring a new and exciting form of soccer, Futurama is forming a Street Soccer club at Galileo sponsored by Street Soccer USA. Taking place indoors, Street Soccer does not have to worry about whether or not the field is free to use. The club aims to focus on the social impact of the youth sport, using soccer to teach skills like leadership and teamwork, tying important ideas to the activity.

 The founder of the club at Galileo, Jose Carrasco, who also works at Futurama, manages the team. He says, “We want to provide an alternative soccer experience which also teaches kids life lessons,” said Carrasco when we asked him about the idea behind the Street Soccer Club. “Soccer at many high schools is overshadowed by other sports.”

The club hopes to establish a group of people interested in the sport for a number of years going forward, and eventually, the organization as a whole wants to expand to other schools and establish a ¨league¨ of sorts.

For now, the team is entirely self-contained due to the lack of other high school teams to play against, so all scrimmages are held internally against other club members. The games themselves last from 5-6 pm, one hour, on Wednesdays. The club is in its pilot season this year, having only started this semester. However, the organization itself began way back in 2008, but for the past 10 years, it was partnered solely with Francisco Middle School.

Students interested in joining Street Soccer should visit Futurama, down by the cafeteria, to get more information and a registration form.

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